I'm so glad you're here!
I’m so excited that you’re thinking about booking with me, but before we go any further, you should know a bit about me! Coming from a family of 11, I am always ready for an adventure – and believe me, those family adventures are a LOT more adventurous than hiking a paved mountains scape.  Those family car rides to North Carolina in our 15 passenger van alone have prepared me for just about anything...ANYTHING. I really love people and capturing the essence of who they are, so about 5 years ago I picked up a camera and started shooting portrait work, which progressed into wedding photography.  In those five years, I’ve traveled across the country shooting weddings and meeting some of the most incredible people with the most amazing love stories.  A few facts about me; I am basic and love coffee ( I may or may not be on a 2nd cup and it’s only 2PM).  I find myself dancing more often than not, but let’s be honest, when that song comes on and you’re all by yourself you do too. Who am I kidding, I dance in freakin' target isles. I may mention donuts or Brooklyn 99 more than once, but it’s probably just because I’m not talking about Parks and Rec and my love for Washington. Before deciding on being a photographer, I seriously considered being a makeup artist and I’ve found myself more than once applying a bride’s false eyelashes. I have an endless love for Jesus Christ and I owe everything to him. So that's me, your turn.