United 2014 // Personal

When an experience is so special and impactful I often find myself struggling for words, more importantly the right words. United 2014 was one of the most encouraging, surprising, thought evoking, and friendship-centered experiences I have had. Seeing people that I've followed throughout the years over social media and being able to give them a hug and talk to them was beyond words. I can only explain meeting these people, some of my photos winning, shooting alongside people I adore, and being able to share my passion and be inspired, as a dream. This might all sound so cliche, but I promise that if you were my shoes, or if you went to United, you would know that I mean every word. As we flew out of Cali I was sad to leave my newfound friends but invigorated by their love for art and people.  Of course, the photographer in me wishes I would have taken more photos of the people around me, but I hope that these photos will give you a bit of a glimpse of what my trip looked like.

 I want to extend a special thank you to David Jay, Andrew Barlow, and Kevin Sturm for all you did for me. My experience at United was a priceless gift that I will cherish forever and talking to each of you was so special.
To Kristin W, Emily W, Sabrina N, Amanda W, Stacy C, Tori W, Kenny K, Eva D, Andrew O,  Jessica D. David M, Jodi I, Phillip N, Mikey and Samantha S,  Lukas and Suzy V, Joel and Maggie R, and so many others. You guys were the greatest. I honestly have not met people with greater hearts or talent. I had such an amazing time hanging out with you and getting to know your quirks and unique gifts. You made the week especially fun and welcoming to me and I want to thank you for that! See you next year ( and if not, then hopefully sooner) !