Cara - Senior // Huntington Beach, OH Portrait, Fashion & Wedding Photographer

Preparing for my senior shoot at Huntington beach, I was mulling over whether or not I should grab a coat. Pro - Warmth. Con - I'd have to carry it if I was hot. There was a major factor I didn't take into consideration; the beach means more wind, which means colder, which means bring a coat. Of course I told myself I won't be cold and ditched the jacket idea and headed off to the beach. Letttt's just say it was a bad choice and while I was hoping my fingers were still connected to my hand, my nose was pretty much an unstoppable faucet.
 Moral of the story? when in doubt, grab a coat and more importantly Cara is a beast.

Not only did Cara withstand the freezing cold, but she also managed to look amazing while doing so. Even with the chill, we had so much fun walking along the beach and adventuring out onto the rocks. Cara is so incredibly stylish and was always up to any crazy pose I might have. She has such a bubbly and fun personality which is balanced with her ability with numbers and ambition in career. Seriously, beautiful, fun, adventurous, and ambitious? Cara is such an amazing woman and it was a dream to be able to photograph her.


Thanks for sharing part your senior year with me and letting me capture your beautiful personality! I  know you have an amazing future ahead of you and I am looking forward to where it leads ! 
You are a truly beautiful person.