Kari + Ethan - wedding // Milton, PA Portrait, Fashion & Wedding Photographer

The more weddings I attend the more I realize that every wedding day is different - even if the schedule was laid out exactly the same and the decorations/venue were identical, it is the couple who sets the mood of the day and brings a unique aspect to the wedding. Kari and Ethan's laid back attitudes and fun disposition set the perfect rhythm for the day. I felt right at home as Kari's mother made sure I was well taken care of and Kari welcomed me like a dear friend (regardless of the fact that we had never "met"). Kari is just the sweetest person ever! She has such a kind and loving attitude that shows through her eyes and radiates in her smile. Ethan had the chance to tell me about his love story personally and, just like Kari, he had a rare kindness that leaked through every story and action throughout the day. Kari and Ethan were such an amazing couple and it was nothing but a privilege to photograph their wedding, I couldn't have asked for a better day or sweeter couple.

 May you continue to use your love for each other as a blessing to others and point of joy. Thank you for your friendship and allowing me to be a part of your very special day, I am excited to see where your life together leads and the people you inspire. You are both beautiful people and I wish you the very best as husband and wife.