Twinsdays Festival - Journalism // Twinsburg, OH

The Twinsdays Festival is one of the most intriguing events and as it happens, this incredible festival takes place in my very own hometown! Since I was very young, my family has gone to the festival and I was always astonished at how far people traveled to participate in this festival. I am talking twins that are coming from as far as Canada, Ethiopia, India, Australia, and beyond! This event was bringing people from across the world to my doorsteps and that alone was an intriguing concept and honor. Over the years I have always watched and admired from afar, however, this year I decided to take the challenge of capturing 50 sets of twins. With these types of things, you just have to do it without giving too much thought to it - so off I went with my gear (canon 5D III + 35mm) to the festival.  I just started pulling people aside and asking to take their portrait - I wanted to capture personalities and similarities, but more importantly, I wanted to connect with these people to create a photo which truly captured them. On average I worked with them for about 2-5 minutes each, and what I loved most was the difference in demeanor from the first second I asked them, to the last second I was with them. They went from being a face, to a very distinct personality. They went from a nervous smile, to an infectious laughter. They went from being slightly skeptical, to welcoming. I have never fallen so in love with photography. It is more than just taking a photo, it is someone allowing you to determine how you present them. If that is not intimate and vulnerable than I don't know what is. I love these photos, not because of any technical beauty or framing, rather because I can see who these people are and the way I connected with them and that to me is absolutely priceless.