Ellie - Fashion // Cleveland Warehouse, OH

I woke up one day and realized something - I had allowed myself to get caught up with the "right" and "wrong" way to create art. Constantly being bombarded with beautiful imagery and visual art, I find that it is nearly impossible to avoid comparison, copying, and trying to fit a certain mold. In fact, I would argue that on most occasions I don't even realize how much I really take in from other people's art, whether good or bad. I could go on but I will let that be a subject for a future conversation over a cup of coffee and the warmth of your company (here's to speaking into existence us meeting! ;) . Back to the morning I awoke and realized my mental position - NO MORE. I decided from then on I would create something that I love and Inspires me, and whether it's gonna get 5 likes on instagram or 500, I DON'T CARE. I have set my heart on creating art that emotes emotion, captures the intrigue of a human soul, and portrays the vulnerability and beauty of life - This can only happen when I decide to throw off the rules and restraints I put on myself, and create something from the most passionate, pure, and emotional places of my heart. It may sound cliche, but I dare to be myself and monopolize on my weakness's and my strengths. This shoot is a representation of this mindset - Technically its a bit messy, but I FEEL something in these and that to me is the greatest success an artist can have.


I challenge you to, for your next project, reject everything you know to be true technically and just shoot, draw, paint, create what you feel - allow yourself the ability to be fully yourself, embracing your failures and successes, your strengths and weakness's, and just enjoying the privilege to be uniquely and wonderfully made.