Emily + Andrew - wedding // Conrad Botzum Farmstead, OH Portrait

As we rolled up into the driveway and met the makeup artist as she was bringing her stuff to the door, we eagerly awaited Emily's arrival. Only a few moments later she pulled up with her step sister and explained that "I am late because I saw this homeless puppy on the side of the road and I just had to stop and make sure it was safe. I am so so so sorry!" ( not exact words but you get my drift.). Ok, ok Emily, yes I know that you are just the cutest human alive ;) Needless to say, the morning consisted of so much laughter and laid-back happiness. Emily was overflowing with joy and determined to not worry about the day's perfection, but rather savor each moment.
 I think one of the things that made Emily and Andrew such an amazingly fun couple to work with and be around was that they were so trusting of my creative vision. They just went with the flow and were open to any pose or idea I might offer up. This speaks a lot about their personalities; they are very open minded people with care and trust for each new relation they make. That is just one of the really beautiful things that abounds in their relationship. Over-all the day will be remembered by the abundance of laughter, the tears that were shed at the most tender of moments, and the company of so many wonderful people. 

Barn - Conrad Botzum Farmstead 
Makeup Artist - Beauty Therapy 
Florist - Savoir-Faire 
Dress - The Dress 
Live Band - 
Amethyst String Ensemble