Emily - Stylized Portraits // Whitefish, MT

In a world where beauty is defined by the barely-there waist, full lips paired with flashy white teeth, and perfectly placed hair, most people lose sight of a more impactful beauty. I won't try and make you believe that outward appearance isn't important, rather that your inner self should take higher priority. When I meet people like Emily I know that inward beauty is everything. Don't get me wrong, Emily is one of the most outwardly attractive woman that I have ever met ( I mean just look at her! ), but if you knew her you'd know that there is a greater grounding for this outward loveliness. Her stunning smile is a reflection of her joyful spirit, her bright eyes letting the world know she is in love with the creator and that the creator loves her. The pairing of outward and inward beauty is just astounding. I loved spending a week with my ( what feels like ) second family; getting to know Emily better was nothing but a pleasure and inspiration. I'll now take this moment to stop talking and let you enjoy the love, beauty ,and joy I saw in Emily.

"Laugh as much as you breathe, love as much as you live."