Kiley + Kyle - Wedding // Winston-Salem, NC

Not much gets me more excited in the photography world than shooting elopements/tiny, unique weddings. Kyle and Kiley wanted a laid-back day full of photos, family, and special moments and I was so privileged to be there and witness it all. Getting up at 3:30AM for my flight out to Charlotte, NC was made worth it the second I arrived at baggage and saw Kiley and her best friend (Anna Gray) waiting there with wide smiles and excitement in their eyes. Arriving a day early allowed me some time to get to know Kiley and even from the very beginning I loved her outgoing, spirited self.  From road rage to snack stops to flower shopping for the bouquet, the day made me even more passionate about shooting their wedding and telling their story.

I won’t bore you much longer with my words but I must say a few things about Kyle and Kiley.  As you will see in the photos (or if you know them) they are both quite young. With this fact and the word elopement spoken, you might as well ensure that everyone will assume this is a fling relationship that will not last.  Let me tell you that this couple contradicts that assumption in every way. Kyle adores Kiley in such a sincere and caring way and his commitment to her is incredibly genuine. Kiley loves Kyle for his entire person and compliments him so well. They not only loved in a butterfly and roses way, but I also heard and watched the ways they chose to love each other beyond those new love feelings. I am so in love with them as a couple and watching them just relax and be themselves on their wedding day was the most refreshing thing. I can’t wait to work with more individuals like Kiley and Kyle who love deeply and live authentically.