If ever two people were in love it would be these two. Sally was just an explosion of excitement and let me tell you, between the first look, the ceremony, and right after the ceremony, she was besides herself with joy. It was so beautiful. Nick is such a awesome dude with an incredible sense of humor and he just adores Sally with such a tender love. The first look was something else; a perfect picture of the joy, tenderness, and love shared between two people before an amazing God. I could not be more excited to share these images with you of the heart melting event that took forth 10.18.2014.

Hair + Makeup – The Parlour

Winery – Chateau Pomije   

Dress – J. Crew

Musicians – Elizabeth Rice + Betsy Williams


Janelley <3 your pure talent blows me away with every photo you share! Miss you!

These photos are AMAZING… to say the least! Janelle and Rachel all your driving and hard work is so greatly appreciated. You guys were so fun and a joy to pose in front of! THANK YOU

Thanks again Jill! You were super fun and cute and amazing to work with <3

these are unreal. your talent blows my mind janelle.

Thank you so much Grace! I am so glad you enjoyed the post!