Oh hey, it's me! The girl that always wished she could be Audrey hepburn and resorted to winged eyeliner and a wardrobe almost always consisting of black.

On any given day I find myself debating with a stranger that parks and rec is better than the office (disagree? Hit that book me tab and we'll talk about it)
*Important update - It's June 28th, 2018 and I've watched the office for the second time through. I am a believer.*
In my spare time I LOVE to cook, dance, and sing and my happy place is when I'm doing all those things at once. Oh, and a little known fact is that I almost chose makeup artistry as my profession before I fell in love with photography (Yeah, definitely letting you know when ya need a little blot.) For better or for worse, filthy by JT has been going through my head non-stop.

I think that people would often describe me as warm and enthusiastic, I would say that I just love people. To me there is nothing more intriguing, beautiful, and exciting than connecting with someone and getting to know their story. I just love people, so what better job to have than capturing the way people love.


Few things make me more excited than talking about my family, business strategy, or my husband. But mostly just Damien. Do you ever sit down and wonder how you've become soooo mushy? Yeah, never did I think the day would come when I would be one of those people and gush over a man. After 1 and a half years of friend zoning the heck out of this man, I woke up one day to find myself head over heels in love. This love is the craziest, most natural, most exciting, most challenging, most beautiful thing I have ever experienced and now I get it. I get the glances, I get the giggles, I get the tears, I get the whole there's-never-enough-time-together, I get the mushy FB posts, I get the kisses in public, all of it. Damien opened my eyes to something that you can only understand when you experience it. So I may not know how your love plays out, but I get that it is beyond any human explanation and it can only be experienced, and that is why I love photographing people in love.

Oh, I have an edgy side too.

Icelandic Adventure

Oh, I have an edgy side too.

I'm coming for you!

I'm always traveling and I'd love to meet you along the way! If I'm coming to your area hit me up and we'll set up a shoot!