Some people are happy to get married, some overjoyed, others completely giddy with pure bliss. Alli was the certainly the latter. I didn’t sense an ounce of hesitation or fear in her the whole day, she was literally enthralled with her husband and nothing else in the world mattered. Seeing the way Matt looked at Alli and the way he tenderly held her made it was clear just how much he adored her.  Alli + Matt were captivated with each other and every moment of the day that they were together there was nothing but joy. Some wedding days are incredibly elaborate with every aspect perfectly planned and yet this effortlessly simple wedding was just as beautiful in a meaningful, pure way. I wish every couple as much joy, love, and bliss as Alli + Matt.


Janelle! Such STUNNING photos as always! You are A M A Z I N G !!!

These are so gorgeous.