We arrived at the incredible Diablo Lake and as we pull up I see none other than Jordan Voth, One of (if not) my favorite photographers of the time – The scenery, teamed with new acquaintances and an absolutely stunning model – yeah, I guess you could say that it was a pretty good day ๐Ÿ˜‰ If anything else, I hope that this post encourages you to step out and go where you’ve been dreaming to go – It’s about time you traveled the world and most likely the biggest thing stopping you is, well, you. 

Thinking – โ€œHere goes nothingโ€ – could be the start of everything.

— Drew Wagner

So lovely! The quiet, soft light of the last few frames are my favorite. Or maybe the first set. I don’t know anymore! It’s all so lovely!


unreal. JANELLE you are prolific. these made my jaw drop!

I’m in awe. Seriously one of the most stunning set of photos I’ve seen! Keep doing your thing girl, you’re AMAZING!