When I received an email from Lauren about headdresses that walked at The Knot Gala in New York I was, of course, immediately intrigued. Anything with words like “gala” and “headdress” was bound to get me! After looking into Lauren a bit more, I was astounded by her pure talent and unique ideas – not only does she design headdress’s (in fact I believe she said this was her first time making a headdress), she works on store fronts (like Anthropologie, nbd) and creates incredible custom pieces for companies, and weddings. Its honestly unreal that so much raw talent, passion, and drive can come from one woman! If you have the time PLEASE go over to her site and just gawk at all the beauty she has going on; she’s a force to be reckoned with! || http://www.elbowgreasedesign.com ||

Models – Kayla + Bethany

Hair and Makeup – Joleane & Erica w/ Beauty Therapy

Venue – Lauren H.B. Studio

Jewelry – Alyson Nicole