During their ceremony they had a reading from one of Lana Del Rey’s songs… Do I really need to say more? No, but I will. These two are madly in love and about as classy as two people get. Macy is nothing but kindness, she has one of the sweetest hearts and I loved being by her side the whole day. Zach? The total package. Together, they are the dream team and their wedding was proof of that. From the decor, to the food, down to the smallest detail, their wedding was nothing short of perfection; Lana Del Rey would be proud.


Macy Zach Wedding-getting ready-0016_stomp.jpg
Macy Zach Wedding-getting ready-0053_stomp-1.jpg
Macy Zach Wedding-getting ready-0011_stomp-1.jpg
Macy Zach Wedding-Details-0039_stomp.jpg
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Macy Zach Wedding-Ceremony-0002_stomp.jpg
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Macy Zach Wedding-Ceremony-0076_stomp.jpg
Macy Zach Wedding-Ceremony-0066_stomp.jpg
Macy Zach Wedding-Ceremony-0093_stomp.jpgMacy Zach Wedding-Bridal Party-0021_stomp.jpg
Macy Zach Wedding-Bridal Party-0094_stomp.jpg
Macy Zach Wedding-Bridal Party-0036_stomp.jpg
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Macy Zach Wedding-Bridal Party-0065_stomp.jpg
Macy Zach Wedding-Bridal Party-0099_stomp.jpgMacy Zach Wedding-Bridal Portraits-0092_stomp.jpgMacy Zach Wedding-Bridal Portraits-0075_stomp.jpg
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Macy Zach Wedding-Bridal Portraits-0116_stomp.jpgMacy Zach Wedding-Bridal Portraits-0123-Edit_stomp.jpg
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Macy Zach Wedding-Details-0007_stomp.jpgMacy Zach Wedding-Details-0009_stomp.jpg
Macy Zach Wedding-Reception-0049_stomp.jpg
Macy Zach Wedding-Reception-0097_stomp.jpg
Macy Zach Wedding-Reception-0093_stomp.jpgMacy Zach Wedding-Reception-0107_stomp.jpgMacy Zach Wedding-Reception-0080_stomp.jpgMacy Zach Wedding-Reception-0133_stomp.jpgMacy Zach Wedding-Reception-0145_stomp.jpg
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