Love is a beautiful thing; It brings people together, revives the broken hearted, and brings a joy that can only be found in and through it.  As I lay in a bed after hours of constantly having to be aware, of walking ( or climbing or jumping ), and investing every ounce of my creative energy , I often find the words, “why do I put myself through this” going through my head. Then I remember my passion for capturing love stories, a passion that surpasses all the blisters and tiredness I could accumulate in a lifetime. It’s people like Mai and Danny that I will pour myself into because I love the way they love and the world deserves to see and remember it.

I am constantly brought aback by people like Mai and Danny, people who care so deeply that they even go to the lengths of checking my second shooter and I into our flight. That the day before the wedding the groom would drive a half an hour to our hotel to deliver us keys to our car for the weekend. It really tells you something about a couple when they go above and beyond what’s asked of them, and they both do this in every area of their life. They loved each other and their daughter in a very special way and the only true way to tell you about their day is through pictures..

Dress – Catherine Deane by BHLDN
Sash – OuiAtelier
Venue – Ruverside Receptions / Geneva
Hair and MUA – Elle Salon
DJ – XFade Entertainment 
Brides Bouquet – St. Charles Florist


i’m 99% sure this wedding is what dreams are made of. that dress, the bouquet, the bridemaid’s dresses, all the happy smiles. and ohmygosh, don’t even get me started on the couple portraits down by the water. literally breathtaking and i think it’s some of your absolute best work.

omg so gorgeous – im obsessed with all the gold and glitter 🙂

This is one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen in a long time! Absolutely stunning work!!

Crushed it Janelle as usual!