We all know that weddings rarely go as planned, but always work out. If this wedding isn’t proof of that, then I don’t know what is! Picture this; Hurricane, power lines down.  flights canceled. no electricity or hot water. tree covered roads, yards, and even houses. I’m driving around huuuuge fallen trees and massive devastation and my hotel is out of commission.  Sounds bad enough, but now think about the implications! No curling the brides hair, no electricity to power all those amazing string lights, no way to cook all your food, no flowers because the delivery is delayed, the yard where the ceremony is supposed to take place is now covered in branches and leaves… and the list could go on I’m sure! I would say the chances of all these things happening at another wedding is VERY slim, nearly impossible, but it happened on their wedding day and they had no choice but to make it work.

So how did Olivia and Ethans wedding work out and end up being a beautiful day with just enough of everything to make it perfect? Because these two have the best families, the most amazing community, and incredibly selfless friends. The day ended up being a beautiful testimony to how important friendship and family is, and how people who sow kindness also reap it. The morning of the wedding, Olivia and Ethans home providentially gained electricity and now people were able to make the food there, she was able to do her hair, and make coffee (very essential). Someone in the family found flowers at one of the few stores with power and her bridesmaid made her bouquet out of that and some foliage they foraged out in the yard (yeah, pretty stinkin’ magical). They were able to find enough generators to power their sound equipment and the pretty string lights, and everything fell right into place. Olivia handled everything with such grace and calmness and I’m pretty sure Ethan was oblivious of anything going wrong because he was just so darn excited to wed his gorgeous bride. Normally I don’t go through the day and write out a longer post like this, but I felt that it was important to share their story to say this – Your wedding day is not about going perfect and everything being exactly as planned, it is about celebrating you and your loved one as you embark on the beginning of a shared life. Moral of the story, stop worrying, stop obsessing over the small details and just breath. Enjoy every moment you have, and soak in how special it is to have a day where you are surrounded by people who love, support and would do anything for you. This is what makes wedding days special and beautiful, and I’m pretty sure that a perfect wedding day is all in how you perceive it not in the things you have or the grandeur. The photos will definitely do a better job at telling the story –


Olivia + Ethan – Backyard Wedding // Whigham, GA