To me this is the top question I would be asking if I were in your shoes. I’m sure you’ve seen countless photographer’s sites, read the same spiel and have several options – So let’s get real, why Janelle Putrich Photography over everyone else?


I will make you feel comfortable, feel confident, and look amazing.


Janelle isn’t just one of the most creative people I’ve ever met, she’s also one of the kindest. Her level of joyful encouragement is off the charts, and she will make you feel like you’re ready to step on the cover of vogue magazine…” – Rebekah, 2016 client 


How many times have you seen an image of yourself and thought, “why the heck didn’t they tell me to move my arm down!” or said to your fiancé while he’s taking some glam instagram pics for you, “you have to remind me to tilt my head and keep my chin down!” – The reality is, photos can either make you feel like the hottest babe around, or just terrible about yourself. Girl let me tell you! I KNOW! I know the struggle and awkwardness of being in front of the camera and I don’t think that should be a thing! I want you to get your wedding day photos back and say, “Holy crap, I actually like how I look!” (at least this is my response when I see an image where I don’t look terribly awkward, haha). Trust me to know your angles and I’ll offer the peace of mind and direction that will not only give you confidence on your wedding day, but freakin’ good looking images.

You bought the most flattering dress, hired the most talented makeup artist, and got that suit tailored to perfection, now its time to book a photographer who will do it all justice (raises hand, that’s me)!

Don’t let this be you …


Ok Ok, we get it you make us look good, but what about those candid moments?!

 What you’ll often find with wedding photographers is there are two types –


-  Type 1 will deliver an album that consists of all candids that are very emotional yet not very flattering

- Type 2 will deliver an album that consists of all posed images without any natural images just capturing those priceless moments


When you book me you bridge that gap - you better bet that when grandma’s crying I’m right there sneaking like a documenting ninja, but when it’s time for bridals, I’m upfront, involved, and makin’ you look good. Who says you have to choose just one?! The best of both worlds!

How long does it take to get my images?


I’ve heard stories of couples waiting 6 months, sometimes even a year for their images! What the heck, is that even real?! With me, I strive to get your images done within 2-4 weeks – I’m quite an impatient person, so I can’t imagine waiting that long for something I’m that excited about. You shouldn’t have to wait either! 

What is the initial deposit to hold my date?

I require a $1500 deposit to hold your date – the rest is due 30 days before your wedding. That’s it, pretty simple! Let’s keep this whole money part an open discussion!

Where are you actually based? Can you shoot my wedding if you live in a different state and if so/what do those costs look like?


Haha, I get asked this a LOT. I move around quite a bit, but I currently based out of Lancaster, PA although I visit Cleveland, OH very frequently (My family is there!).

Freak yes I’ll travel to, for, or with you! In fact I encourage it! I’ve shot in all different places including Iceland, Mexico, Chicago, Seattle – you name the place, let’s go!

For travel costs, you pay for my airfare, car rental, night’s stay, and gas! It’s just what it costs for me to be there, so the price varies per wedding & location.