If you’re here it means it’s time to pull out a glass of your preferred drink (Mojito, please) and relax because I’ve received your email! The hard part is done and it’s smooth sailing from here!

What to expect –

  1. An email response within the next 48 hours
  2. You’ll receive my packages as well as answers to your questions.
  3. We might just chat on email, or maybe we’ll hop over to texting, or even set up a phone call! I like to make it easy for you, so it all depends on your preferences and what makes you feel most comfortable!
  4. Once you pick a package, there will be a contract to fill out and a $1500 deposit to hold your date
  5. More celebrating!

No stress here, just fun conversations and excitement to meet each other! I’m over here cheesin’ super hard because I can’t wait to read your email and hear your love story!

(feelin’ like Ron Swanson sitting down to eat breakfast. Nothing but happiness.)